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RM Techflow Online Courses

2 dedicated courses
of 3 modules of 1 hour each

Each module is provided by top level Tech Transfer and IP management European players featuring theory, practical examples and learning assessment.

The RMTechFlow training workshops and webinars are now available as short online video courses for researchers and technology transfer officers. The estimated time to complete each lesson is about 1 hour: course contents are organized in lessons, and you can pause and resume a lesson any time. Access to courses will be for free until the end of 2021: you can request your account to the course platform by filling in the below form.
For any request, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Professional training course for Researchers
Learn how to turn your research results into market opportunities

Module 1: Position your Technology

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Learning objectives: IP protection options; Do prior art and position your tech; Understand tech trends: find new application.
  • Speaker: John Whelan, Ph.D. TCD Ireland

Module 2: Market Driven Research

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Learning Objectives: Describe IP in problem--solution terms; Analyse industries; Find market needs and potential industrial clients.
  • Speaker: Niklas Gronberg LTU Business, Sweden

Module 3: Generating impact out of R&D

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Learning Objectives: identify business opportunities; Expectations from a license company; how to get support from TTO
  • Speaker: Unai Calvar Aranburu, Tecnalia Ventures Spain



Professional training course for Tech Transfer Personnel
Learn how to create tech transfer deals out of research results

Module 1: The Impactful TTO

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Learning objectives: Roles, processes, methodologies, tools, in the advanced TT and innovation management business.
  • Speaker: Niklas Gronberg, LTU Busienss Sweden

Module 2: Building the Business Case

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Learning Objectives: Variables in tech transfer; IP Valuation Methods; Prepare an effective pitch.
  • Speaker: Unai Calvar Aranburu, Tecnalia Ventures Spain

Module 3: The right exploitation strategy

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Learning Objectives: Different exploitation strategies; how to negotiate with companies and investors
  • Speaker: John Whelan, TCD Ireland
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