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Areas of support provided by RM Techflow Partners.

If you are interested in receiving a coaching service by the RM Techflow team in 2020, please apply using the form.
After applying, we will get back in touch with you to setup a call.
Criteria for selection are:
A) technology must be related to EIT RM innovation themes
B) fit with offered services and availability of coaches
C) priority given to earlier application in equal conditions

  • 1Idea Readiness
    • Innovation description analysis

       1 Innovation description analysis Joint analysis of IP description focusing on benefits, value proposition, customer need areas and next steps in development   Service: An analysis of the innovation based on 8 key factors  A collaborative effort to assess and elaborate on what the innovation really is, what benefits it produces, what need it solves and how it compares to competing solutions   Value: An internally aligned brief of what the innovation really is, and what next steps are needed  

    • IP and prior art search

       2 IP and prior art search Early patent database search to enable understanding of IP-landscape and positioning of own IP. Done together with researcher.   Early patent landscaping. Tech benchmark and analysis of SOTA. To position IP and understand Prior art, whether the IP is patentable, where to position, Find out who are the top applicants (e.g. companies patenting), where are the opportunities. Needed as first step to possibly proceed with patenting but also to find applications and competitive advantage.  

    • Competitor mapping

       3 Competitor mapping Identifying and mapping relevant competitors to find and reassess positioning of own IP as well as segmenting the supplier market   Identify main players providing similar value proposition, or contributing to the solution of the problem you address (these could act as competitors or partners); Identify similar technologies and/or substitutive products to your solution. Identify gaps in the industry, and clarify competitive advantage for your innovation idea. Get inspiration on how to improve your positioning  

  • 2Business Readiness
    • Market Validation

       1 Market Validation Prepare and support primary market validation efforts as well as experimental approaches   Service: Identifying potential target markets and setting up an efficient process for validating their interest in your IP   Value: A solid structure to efficiently start gaining valuable market insights      

    • Market research and sizing

       2 Market research and sizing Identify and analyze target markets, the players, value chains and tentative sizes to assess opportunity and positioning   Identify the market potential of an opportunity, analysing what the end customers may be. Extract useful information to assess the potential of the business opportunity. Do research based on researcher’s capabilities, organisation’s strategy and market demand  

    • Business modelling and roadmapping

       3 Business modelling and roadmapping Assess and test viable business models and build business development roadmap   Support a researcher in developing a viable business model for a startup venture Analysis costs and pricing Customer validation Competitors comparison Coaching on key elements of business model canvas  

  • 3Exploitation Readiness
    • Research proposal support

       1 Research proposal support Support in reviewing and improving upscaling proposal material - focus on business assessment   Service: Support in reviewing and improving proposals for research upscaling projects   Value: Increased likelihood of receiving funding by addressing key aspects of the business assessment sections  

    • Investor pitching

       2 Investor pitching Identify potential VCs and develop attractive investment proposal materials   Create an elevator pitch for the technology   Create a lits of relevant professional  investors  

    • Negotiation training

       3 Negotiation training Negotiation skill training based on cases   Present case studies of technology transfer experiences, including particular cases in Tecnalia Pros and cons of the decisions made in each case, and how they can be used for a good model of technology transfer for the researcher  

    • IP-protection strategy

       4 IP-protection strategy Learn basic concepts on IP-protection and how they influence commercialization efforts   Know the steps to take before, during and after the generation of technological assets to optimize their exploitation Become familiar with basic concepts regarding industrial and intellectual property Learn about legal protection: Confidentiality contracts, prior knowledge, co-ownership, etc. Learn about tech surveillance in patents for patentability analysis and Freedom-to-operate Registration of property rights. Patentability criteria. Practical aspects of processing

    • Building a team

       5 Building a team Learn how to build an optimal teaming structure for the commercialization needs   When developing a business venture, entrepreneurs often realise too late that they can’t do everything themselves, and regret not having built a team to perform different roles in the project We will analyse the business venture and its peculiarities, and work on the best team structure Researchers will decide on the best organisational structure for their projects, and establish a strategy in order to put it into practice  

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